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Top Beam questions

What is Beam? How can I use it?

Beam is a new mobile app created by the GetResponse Development Team. It lets you create simple template-based animations or images - called beams - that you can then share on your social media.

You can use Beam for a variety of purposes. Got a discount you'd like to announce to your Facebook Group? Want to promote a special offer in your store? Got a new product on the shelves and want to show it off? Or maybe you're developing some new content and want to build excitement for it with a "Coming soon" type teaser? Do you want to share regular posts with tips or messages to build a positive relationship with your followers? Beam is a great way to communicate all of that and more through simple, elegant graphics that will catch your audience's eye more effectively than a text post. They're quick to make and share, which makes them a convenient tool when you need a low-effort but effective ad. Additionally, you can add descriptions to each beam if you need to include extra text to clarify anything, and those descriptions can include hashtags so that your post can reach even bigger audiences and entice new followers.

How do I create a beam?

To create a new beam:

  1. Tap on the Create link at the bottom of the dashboard. You will see the template menu. You can view templates in a single column or in two columns by tapping the column icon (above the gallery).
    You can sort the available templates by Newest, Popular, or by theme. You can also search for specific templates by tapping the magnifying glass icon above the gallery. Type in the keyword to search by, or choose from one of the suggested hashtags in the drop-down menu.
  2. Tap on the template you like to get into the editor.
  3. Inside the editor, tap on each element to edit it. Learn more about the editing options in Beam
  4. Once you're ready with your beam, tap Share at the bottom of the screen to go to the next stage, or save it as a draft.
  5. Choose if you want to share the beam as an animation or an image.
  6. Enter a name for your beam (for your own reference, your audience won't see it).
  7. Enter a short description for up to 280 characters (optional). The short description can also include hashtags.
  8. Choose your social media profiles, and tap Share. You're done!


If you haven't added your social media accounts before creating the beam, the app will take you to the Social media accounts page to add your Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram profiles. Learn more how to integrate your social media profiles with Beam

How can I log into Beam?

It's possible to use Beam without setting up an account right away. When you open the app, you will see a login screen with 3 access options:

  • - Log in with Google
  • - Log in with Facebook
  • - Continue as guest

The guest option allows you to check out the app and create beams, but you can't share them without connecting the app to your social media profiles. You can't save your beams as drafts, either, and they won't stay in the account if you leave the app without logging in through Google or Facebook.

How do I add my social media profiles to Beam?

You will need to connect Beam to your social media profiles in order to share your beams online. To do that:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap Social media accounts.
  3. Choose which one you want to add. At the moment you can connect Beam with:
    • - Facebook
    • - Twitter
    • - Instagram
  4. After choosing each profile, follow the prompts to log in and enable the integration.


to share your beams on your Facebook or Instagram, you need to do it from inside their apps. Currently those apps don't allow external sharing, so Beam will open them separately to let you share your beam from inside your profiles. Facebook Pages and Groups do allow direct sharing, as does Twitter.

To connect Facebook Groups and Pages, add your personal profile first. Once you do, you'll see the possibility to add Facebook Pages and Groups in the Social media accounts section.

What types of beams can I make?
  1. Animation: a gif-like moving image.


    the animation style comes with the template and you can't edit it. Animation beams can come in two types:

    • - single picture (with optional text)
    • - a short sequence of pictures
  2. Image: a static picture with optional text, without animations.
What can I change in a beam?

In this article, we will describe what you can edit in your beam and how to do it. You can edit the following template elements in Beam:

  • - text
  • - images
  • - shapes
  • - background

Once you're happy with each change, tap the tick icon to save it and move on to the next element.


Double-tap the text inside the template to replace it with your own.

Then, to format it, tap on it once to activate the editing options. These include:

  1. Color. Choose a color for your text by tapping the one you prefer, or add more by tapping the + icon. You will see a color palette screen. To choose a color from the palette, move the slider handles around until you're happy with the color in the middle, and tap Apply.
  2. Font. Tap the Font tab under the beam, and choose a font from the list below. For more variations, tap the arrows on the far right of each font to select Bold, Bold Italic, Italic or Light.


    you can't import your own fonts into the app.

  3. Size. To adjust the size of your text, tap the Size tab and then slide the handle below the beam up or down the scale.


Tap the image to activate editing options. These include:

  1. Replacing the image in the template with a different image. You can:
    • - take a picture with your phone camera to use directly in Beam by tapping the camera icon,
    • - choose from the images on your phone by tapping Roll and selecting an image from your image gallery (note: you must agree to give Beam access to your gallery to use this option).

    Once you select an image, you will see a screen that allows you to adjust its size. You can do that by moving it around the grid to choose how to crop it, and by sliding up and down the percentage scale below. Optionally, tap the circular arrow icon to adjust image orientation.

  2. Filters. In the Filters tab you will see a selection of filters to make your images look even better. Tap on the filter you like to use it.


If your template includes shapes, like a frame for example, tap them if you wish to choose a different color the same way as in text.


To edit the background, tap the Background tab under your beam. Depending on the template, you will get one of two options:

  • - change background color (for templates with empty space between images and text),
  • - use an image from your phone gallery (if the background is an image).


Tap the Play icon under the beam to see an animated preview before sharing.

How do I upgrade to Beam Pro?

With Beam Pro, you will get access to extra features such as:

  • - 100 more templates;
  • - the ability to save the beams you create on your device;
  • - the ability to remove the Beam badge or replace it with your own logo.

To upgrade to a paid account and gain access to more features:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap Buy Pro.
  3. Choose between monthly or annual subscriptions.
  4. Confirm your decision by tapping the Buy Pro button on the next screen.

Beam will then take you to the app store (Google Play for Android or App Store for iOS) where you can complete the purchase. The stores will guide you through the steps and manage the process on their end.

How do I re-use a beam?

To re-use a beam you already shared:

  1. Tap the Beams tab at the bottom of your Dashboard.
  2. Find the beam you want to re-use in the Shared gallery and tap it.
  3. Under the beam, you will see action icons. Tap the arrow icon to get to the editing and sharing screens.
Can I save my beam without sharing it?

If you're not ready to share your beam right away, you can save it as a draft. To save a beam as a draft:

  1. On Android, press the back button on your device to exit the editing screen without sharing the beam. On iOS, press the x icon at the top of the editor.
  2. This brings up a pop-up asking you whether you'd like to save your post as a draft. Tap yes.

The beam will appear in your Beam gallery in the Drafts section.

Can I save a beam directly to my phone?

You can do that if you're on the Beam Pro package. Go to Settings > Buy Pro to upgrade. Then, to save a beam to your phone, go to your Beam gallery and tap the download icon under the beam you wish to save. Beam will ask you for permission to save files on your device. Make sure to allow it to be able to save the beam.

Can I check how my beam is doing?

Once you share your beam, you can keep track of how it's performing. This will give you useful feedback on whether or not your beams are catching the eye and resonating with audiences. If the responses seem lukewarm, this might be a signal to adjust your marketing strategy.

To check your statistics, go to the Beams section and look at the Shared gallery. Under each shared beam, you will see performance stats.

Tap a beam to see detailed statistics. These include:

  • - number of likes and comments for Facebook Pages and Groups
  • - number of likes and retweets for Twitter
  • - number of likes and comments on Instagram


Facebook doesn't allow external apps like Beam to pull statistics directly from your personal Facebook profile, so you need to check the post statistics for Facebook in your Facebook account. Additionally, Beam doesn't show who exactly interacted with your beams, or the comments on your posts. To check the detailed performance of your shared beams, open your social media apps and check the posts directly in your profiles.

Can I remove Beam branding?

You can remove our badge, or replace it with your own, if you upgrade to Beam Pro. Go to Settings > Buy Pro to upgrade.

To remove the badge:

  1. Select a template or an existing beam to enter the editor.
  2. Tap the Badge icon.
  3. Choose the No badge icon to remove it entirely, or the + icon to replace it with your own image.
  4. Tap the tick icon to save.
How do I delete a beam?

You can delete beams if you go to Beams to view your gallery. Under each beam, both shared and drafts, you will see a trash bin icon. Tap it to delete a beam from your gallery.


if you already shared a beam, you can delete it from your Beam account, but that doesn't mean that the post will disappear from your social media profiles. To delete a beam from your social media, you will need to open your social media apps and delete the posts from inside your profiles.

How do I delete my Beam account?

To delete your Beam account:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap Delete account.
  3. Confirm your decision by tapping Delete Account on the next screen.

Keep in mind that deleting your account means you will no longer be able to share your beams online. The beams you already shared will stay on your profiles. If you want to delete those as well, you need to log into your social media profiles and delete the posts there.